1.1. Any action related to purchase products and / or services offered on the site will be carried out in accordance with the conditions specified in these document.
1.2. Execution of any action on the site by the user constitutes a statement by them that they have read and understood the terms of use of the site and that they and / or anyone on their behalf will not have any claim against the owner of the site and / or its operators and / or anyone acting on their behalf except from the breach of the obligation of the owners of the site and / or its operators according to these terms.
1.3. Joining the site’s customer club or other services offered on the site, involves a separate registration in accordance with the special conditions that will be determined on the site.
1.4. Any user aged 18 and over(or any other minimum legal age in their country) who has a valid and legal credit card that can be cleared by one of the selected credit companies we are working with, can make a purchase in the site.
1.5. These terms may change from time to time by the site managers at their discretion, it is the responsibility of the user to read and approve it before any purchase on the site.
1.6. ordering and delivery of the products and / or services will be carried out in accordance with the provisions of these regulations.

2. Procedure for ordering products through the website

2.1 “Sparta Toys” website offers for sale a wide range of products that can be purchased by adding to the shopping cart.
2.2 The customer will be required to fill in all the order details that appear on the website and will receive an initial notification of its receipt.
2.3 A confirmation of receipt of the order does not obligate Sparta Toys to provide the ordered products and it just indicates that the order details have been received in the system.
2.4. Only after the approval of the credit card company to make the purchase can the order be completed, provided that the products are in stock.
2.5. A condition for the delivery of the products in the order is proper and complete information filled by the user.
2.6. Various reasons may cause malfunctions and disruptions in order reception and processing. In the event of a disruption and / or error in the order information or any other detail concerning the customer, Sparta Toys may cancel the order without charging the customer.
2.7. In the event of non-delivery of the ordered products due to incorrect identification and / or address details, the customer will be charged a fee for additional shipping and handling fees. It should be emphasized that mentioning false personal details is strictly prohibited and may be consider a constitutes a criminal activity.
2.8 Sparta Toys does its best to ensure that the products listed on the website are in stock when ordering, but we depends on the suppliers/ manufacturers of the products and can not always guarantee it .
2,9. In the event that a product runs out of stock, the product will be sent directly from one of the suppliers of Sparta toys in UK or abroad. If our supplier has run out of stock for the product, a notification will be sent to the customer by email or phone. In such a case, Sparta Toys will be entitled to offer the customer a similar product at a similar cost. If the customer will approve the offer for an alternative purchase (by phone or email) the details of the new order will be updated, if the customer does not approve the alternative order, the order will be canceled and the costumer will get full refund for the order.

3.Date of delivery of the products

3.1. Sparta Toys usally deliver the products in to the order within 14 business days from the date of approval of the transaction.
3.2. The various products will be shipped via DPD, Royal Mail or other services,  and will be subject to the service’s terms . Sparta Toys will not be liable in the event of a delay or disruption in shipping due to factors beyond our control.
3.3 Delivery of the products by courier will be made in accordance with the delivery conditions of the delivery company on behalf of Sparta Toys and subject to the list of locations Sparta Toys deliver to. If it is not possible to make the shipment, including due to weather conditions and / or a security situation that could endanger the lives of the shippers, the matter will be clarified to the customer and an alternative solution will be found that is acceptable to both parties. It is hereby clarified that in respect of cancellation of shipment due to the conditions stated above, Sparta Toys shall be the sole arbitrator
3.4. Some of the products on the site are also available for self-collection. If a customer places an order for self-collection, a representative from Sparta Toys will contact them after the order to coordinate time and place.

4.Transaction failure and / or delay in delivery due to external factors.

4.1. In the event of a delay and / or failure of a transaction / order due to events beyond the control of Sparta Toys and / or the operators of the site, whether in full or in part and / or in any way, and / or the supply of products and / or services published on the site At set times and / or if malfunctions in the computer and / or telephone systems and / or any other communication factor in the completion of the purchase process in its various forms, and / or if due to hostilities and / or any other external factors will prevent And / or will impair the process of purchasing the products and / or services in any way, including by way of a tender and / or auction and / or regular sale or supply of the products and / or services, and / or if changes in applicable tax rates and / or levies apply On the products and / or services between the date of publication of the product and / or service for purchase and the date of delivery planned according to the terms of purchase of the product and / or service, Sparta Toys may notify the cancellation of an order (even after approval), in whole or part and cancel a charge from the customer. In any case, the client will not have any right to compensation in these circumstances.

4.2 different countries have different regulation regarding some of our products. it is the client responsibility before any purchase to make sure the product meet the regulations in their country. in any case we sent a product to a client that didnt arrived due to regulation issue – we will refund the order only after the product is sent back and arrived in original package.

4.3 Sparta Toys do not import or stock any products. all of our product are shipped VIA third party suppliers. We do our best to check every product, but we will not be responsible for compliance with any legislation issues regarding products through the Sparta toys website. if you have any legal claim about one or more of the products in the website, please send details to info@spartatoys.com and we’ll help direct your inquiry to the right supplier.

5. Product prices

5.1. The price of each product is indicated next to it. Also indicated, separately, are shipping costs and handling fees.
5.2. Sparta Toys may change product prices and handling and shipping fees from time to time. The price valid in relation to the order placed is the price that will appear when completing the order process.
5.3. After order of the product, depend of your country, you may be asked to pay addional cost like tax or handeling fee from local companies or governantes. It is hereby clarified that any additional payment related to the order beyond what the customer has paid on the site will be paid by the customer only.
5.4. The prices listed on the website are valid for orders placed on the website only. The price in self-pickup or other order form may be different.

6. Sales

6.1 The possibility of doubling promotions is subject to the sole discretion of Sparta Toys. In some cases the customer will be able to enjoy double promotions and in other cases not.
6.2. If the customer used several coupons or combined a coupon with a discount or other gift given to him on the site or in any other way, it will be at Sparta Toys’ discretion whether to redeem all the coupons / benefits at the same time.
6.3. Coupons and Pleasure Points have no monetary value beyond the discounts on ordering on the site. In the event of a refund, the value of the coupon will not be refunded

7. Cancelling an order

7.1. The customer may cancel a transaction for the purchase of a product within 20 (twenty) days from the date of receipt, in a written notice to the site’s email. (See contact page)
7.2. A condition for receiving approval for the return of a product and receiving the monetary credit for it is Sparta Toys’ approval that the product has been returned, including all its components in its new and original packaging, and that no use has been made of it.
7.3  The product will be sent by the customer by mail to the address provided by Sparta Toys.
7.4  After Sparta Toys confirmed the return of a product according to the conditions listed above, the customer will be credited with the price they  were charged when ordering, minu shipping fees (which will not be refunded).
7.5. In the event that Sparta Toys does not approve the return of a product / cancellation of a transaction, the product will be sent to the customer at his own expense plus a handling fee.
7.6. In any case, it is not possible to return or exchange products that can be recorded, copied or duplicated, whose original packaging has been opened. In the event of a defective product, the customer will send the product together with the tax invoice issued to him and a letter describing the fault / defect in the product. If the product is found to be defective, Sparta Toys will send the customer a new product or a full refund.
7.7 some products are not allowed to sell in some countries. if, by mistake on our side, a user was able to purchase such product, we will cancel the order, refund the payment and notice the user instead of ship the order.

8.Limitation of Liability

8.1. Sparta Toys and / or anyone acting on its behalf do not manufacture the products and are not responsible for the quality of the products, their features, the names of the manufacturers and / or any presentation or promise made on the site regarding the said details. The customer is aware that sometimes there may be differences in shades between the photographs of the products published on the website and the exact shades of the products as they will actually provide.
8.2. The presentation of the products on the website does not constitute a recommendation and / or expression of opinion by Sparta Toys regarding the nature of the products, their features, their quality, the names of the manufacturers, etc.
8.3  Under no circumstances shall Sparta Toys and / or anyone acting on its behalf be liable for any direct, indirect damages, punitive damages, incidental, special or consequential damages and / or any other damages of any kind, including but not limited to damages caused by using the Site or From delivery or non-delivery of the products.
8.4. Sparta Toys and / or anyone acting on its behalf will not be liable for any unauthorized use, misuse, unlawful use and / or fraudulent use made by a third party of the credit card you used to perform an action on the site.
8.5 Sparta Toys will not be liable for any damage caused by improper use and / or contrary to the instructions attached to the product, including fracture, scratches, and any other external or internal damage.
8.6  Sparta Toys reserves the right to remove content and data from the site and / or cancel a sale at its sole discretion if it becomes apparent that illegal activity has been or is being carried out on the site by user or third party or that any damage has been caused as a result of a technical malfunction on the site.
8.9 Sometimes our suplliers may change the design of package or the product itself a bit.  We do our best to keep the image up to date, but we are not always do this on time, so in rare cases you may get the exact product your ordered but with a case different than the picture. also, any promise that may appear on the product package in the image is not valid unless mention in the product description also.

9. Privacy – click to read full policy

10. Reviews & Commets

By posting reviews (whether written or photocopied) or commenting on blog posts or contributing to the blog, you authorize Sparta Toys to use the content and publish it by any means you see fit and waive all copywriting rights.

11. Pleasure Points

11.1Sparta Toys “Pleasure points” have no monetary value and can not be used except for the purchase of products on the site. Under no circumstances will you be able to redeem the points for money or anything else.

11.2 We reserve the right to change the amount of points in your account depending on credits, errors, cancellations, fear of fraud, and the like.

11.3 We reserve the right to change the value of points at any time.

12. Information security

We take measures to prevent unauthorized access to the site and databases. We make every effort to keep the information up to date, and to ensure proper use of the data.
We have implemented expensive technological procedures to secure the information we collect on the site.

Fake orders/info

From time to time, we may ask you for more personal information before shipping your order (ID/passport/driving license) if we see order that we ssupect may be fake or using a stolen credit card. If you don’t repley with the information we may cancell and refund the order to protect our clients.

13. Jurisdiction and law

The exclusive jurisdiction to clarify any matter and dispute arising from these terms is vested in the competent court in the Israel, Central District only. The law that will apply is Israeli law.

In any case of conflict between what is written elsewhere on the site or outside it, the determination will be made according to this document

For further inquiries: info@spartatoys.com