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When you have an account with Sparta Toys, everytime you shop with us you will get exclusive rewards

Pleasure Points

Certain actions on the site, such as purchases, writing a review, opening an account and more, will earn you Pleasure Points that you can use to get discounts or transfer to someone close so they can treat themself.


Join now and start earning points

How do you earn points?

For every 1 EUR you spend on Sparta Toys on products(excluding shipping & tax) , you get 10 Pleasure Point.

For every review you write on Sparta Toys you get  50 Pleasure Points (no, you can’t get points for multipe reviews on the same products and yes, we need to approve your review first so don’t spam)

For new account you get 25 points

10 points if you refered a friend that created  a valid account with us.

and more.

Spending Pleasure Points

Each Pleasure Point worth 0.1 EUR on the checkout page.
For example, for every 100-point you earned, you will receive 10 EUR for purchase.

Terms & Conditions – Pleasure Points

The points are not of monetary value and cannot be used for any purpose other than purchasing products on the Sparta Toys website.
It is not possible to get a refund for orders made with Pleasure Points.

The points can be redeemed after 12 months of the last activity carried out on the site (realization/accumulation of points).
If there is no account activity for 12 months the points will be deleted and cannot be recovered.

We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to make changes to these Terms and Conditions from time to time by posting updates and changes to the Site.